Stack them high, sell them cheap

I believe it was Jack Cohen who first said “Stack them high, sell them cheap”, way back in the early early in the 20th century before he founded Tesco.

Although a fantastic way of running a cheap shop, stocking a huge amount of low quality good and selling them cheap – it is not the way to run events.

It infuriates me that exhibitors, good honest hardworking people fall for this marketing tool. There might be a fancy poster, it might be a cheap event, but really – are you getting what you have paid for? Or are you simply getting a table in a room with no advertising to the public. I wrote about what to look for in events back in March last year and the majority of what I said there still stands true.

We might not have an event every week or even every month and we might not be the cheapest events around. However, the events we do have we put our heart and soul into and work hard to ensure that the exhibitors get the best for their money. We do not sell hundreds of cheap events to turn a quick profit.

Exhibitors, be wary of the stack them high and sell them cheap culture that seems to be hitting the South West event industry hard.