Events: You Get What You Pay For

As with most things in the world today, you get what you pay for. If you buy a chicken from the supermarket, you might pay £2.50. If you buy a fair trade, free range, corn fed chicken, you might pay double. However, you are paying for the extra care, service and quality of that chicken and you should be able to notice the difference.

It is the same with events. You can of course get very cheap events at anything from £5.00, it is likely you’ll get to a remote location with a table ready for you, if you’re lucky. If you’re really lucky there might even be a banner saying an event is on!

Then the price increases, £15.00 paid, you get to a better location, hopefully you’ll see balloons and a banner or too. You know you’re in the right place. What other advertising has been done? For £15.00 you wouldn’t expect much.

Let’s jump up to £50.00 I’d hope you would be in a good location, with banners, balloons, and prior advertising!

Of course, all events vary, I’m not saying that all £5.00 events are terrible, some are not, some are pretty amazing. I’m not saying all £150.00 events are fantastic, some are an utter disgrace. What I am saying is simple. You get what you pay for and you decide where you place yourself in the market. With Dreams In Detail which a are full service Event Planners in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills you can find the  best affordable prices in the market with a great quality service.

With our Diverse Events, the lowest price (excluding charity events) we charge is £15.00. Not only do our events get advertised on a number of “What’s On” guides, but we physically go around the local area and leaflet houses, local shops generally give out our leaflets or display them in their windows. You get our social media reach, which on Facebook alone is well over 3,000 local people. You get banners, balloons and bunting on the day of the event. If the weather is nice, we have an 8 meter tall balloon tree which really gets people’s attention. This is all for £15.00. When the prices of our events increase, we like to think the advertising and location increases exponentially to reflect the costs.