We’re going green!

No, we don’t plan on turning physically green and ripping our clothes off so all we are left in is shredded up blue shorts (how come they grow with the Hulk, but nothing else does? His clothing bill must be through the roof…)

Our events are going green! Across the board we have signed up to Festival Vision 2025, which is a shared vision for a sustainable festival industry, bringing together festivals that wish to take action to create a sustainable future. So that is just what we are doing!

Across all those who have signed up to the Festival Vision, we all aim to achieve a 50% reduction in festival-related annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. For Diverse Events specifically, we aim to:

  • Reduce waste where possible, aiming for 50% (or more) recycling rates by 2025
  • Aim to reduce annual diesel consumption by 50% (or more) by 2025, primarily by working with audiences, suppliers and artists to positively influence travel choices and reduce travel-related emissions
  • No single use plastic bottles supplied at any event by 2025
  • No single use plastic straws supplied at any event by 2025
  • No single use plastic cutlery, or single use plastic food packaging at any event by 2025

What does that mean for you?

It means you need to start thinking green!

Some of our events you will not longer be able to attend if you are selling single us plastic water bottles, or use plastic straws, or cups.