Treasuring our Traders

Without our traders, we are nothing – You are our most important asset.

I make it part of my job here at Diverse Events to search out events in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall that are like ours. I like to know what other events organisers are doing, what is going well for them and what could be improved. I like to think that this helps us reflect and improve upon our own events.

One great big thing stands out with some event organisers; they don’t care. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a whole load of event organisers doing the right things for their traders and events, but there are a select few who really don’t care. That, or they are completely and utterly delusional. It’s a real shame, I’ll go to these events, see the traders looking not so pleased during the events, yet see the events organiser speaking highly of the event afterwards. It’s not good.

I’m not going to say that we are perfect, or our events are amazing (they are 😉 ) and we should be taken as an example, because that’s just not true. However, I can honestly say that we are dedicated to our events. We are dedicated to our traders. Without our traders, we are nothing – You are our most important asset and I will certainly make sure the I drive the events the best I possibly can. If you’re sitting in an empty room because all the event organiser has done is put up a banner and crossed their fingers, then they have not done their job. We always do our job, and we do it well.