Successful Wedding Fair?

I attended a Wedding Fair on Sunday, it was ran by Saltash Chamber of Commerce and looked as if it was a great success with lots of happy brides and grooms to be.

Whilst chatting to a couple of people who were exhibiting there, I had some great feedback about the Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair.

They said to me that they felt they were not “posh” enough to exhibit at Dartmoor Zoo and that it was “the poshest fair around”. I wouldn’t quite agree with that – I wouldn’t say “posh” but I would certainly say “unique”. There aren’t many events around where you can talk about your wedding photography, or listen to live music whilst listening to wolves howl and lions roar in the background.

These comments really made me think and reflect. Is Diverse Events now running an established Plymouth Wedding Fair? After some number crunching, I decided that in fact I was!

We have over 70% of exhibitors re-book at every wedding fair we hold. We have one of the highest visitor numbers to an event in Plymouth (Only 50 under Pavilions 2015 event) and it seems almost every bride or groom to be goes away happy!

It’s great to hear from other wedding fairs; from Pavilions (Herald), The Guildhall (Dream Wedding Magazine), Kitley House (La Belle) and to know that we are exceeding their visitor numbers at The Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair. That’s not to put those events down, I go to those events, I think they are fantastic and they draw in great crowds too!

But it leads to the question of why. Why is the Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair a success? Excellent Exhibitors. We have some amazing exhibitors offering a diverse range of services. Magic, vintage cars, dresses, hog roasts and even a hireable caravan! Without these fantastic exhibitors, we wouldn’t have much of an event. Of course the fact it’s in one of the most unique wedding venues in the South West probably plays a part too, but lets give some credit to the exhibitors!

So, ignoring the naysayers, statistically The Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair is one of the best in Plymouth.