Successful events

How can you make our events through Plymouth, Tavistock, Devon and Cornwall work for you? We’ve put together some handy tips to ensure everything is perfect on the day!

  • Insurance – This one is an important one. As a trader it is vital you have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and very often Product Liability. If someone gets injured or damage is caused because of your products, it’s best you’re covered! Diverse Events require all traders to have £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance when trading at an event.
  • Networking – Although you’ll most likely be plowing your efforts into sales, our events are the perfect opportunity to make some great local contacts. Take a whole load of business cards, not only for the customers, but for the other exhibitors. Collect everyone’s details, however don’t stop there – after the event chase up your new contacts, keep in contact – You might be able to help each other one day!
  • Advertising – Sure, we might have banners up, leaflets in shops and a whole host of online advertising for our events – but this is an event showcasing your business and products – The event isn’t a secret, shout about it! Tell your friends, family and customers, share it on Facebook and Tweet about it on Twitter. We can reach thousands of people, with your help we could reach millions!
  • Display – You get to the event, you have a bland looking table in a room full of traders, how on Earth can you possibly make your stall look amazing? Plan this out before, take a look at other events, other exhibitors – What is it they do? You’ll see pretty quickly that the best stalls generally have one set of colours, have a multitude of levels, have a good quality table cover and have a smiling face working on the stall. You might even want to bring along a tablet PC with your website running!
  • Signage – Business cards, leaflets, banners and logos. Get your brand out there! How can someone reccomend you if  they have no idea what your business is? Don’t have a banner? Get one! £20.00 on eBay and you have yourself a snazzy banner you can use over and over.
  • Interaction – Sure, you might be shy, but sitting behind your stall looking bored or browsing on your phone is not going to grow your business. Smile at people, if they smile back say hello, start a conversation. People are kind and if you show your passion and enthusiasm it will most likely pass onto them and lead to a sale! If you’re able to create items whilst at the stall, even better – It might draw people in and get them interested in what you do.
  • Equipment – What do you need to bring? How about a calculator, pens, notebook, tape and pins to name a few. That’s not including your float money of at least £50.00 – Make sure you have lots of change in either a money belt or a locked container. Bring a friend, they can keep you company, watch the stall whilst you grab a drink and drive up extra sales.s
  • Price it right – Overheads + Materials + Labour + Profit = Price. Further to this, bring a variety of items, low ticket items, high ticket items and everything in between. You never know what type of customers you might get on the day!
  • After the event – Don’t just rush home and sleep! Follow up your new contacts, check customer feedback, contact your events manager and give them feedback, update your email list and then count the profits! After all of that, then you can relax!

crabchick “6561Shirehampton Craft Fair 2011” 26 October 2011. Online image. Flickr. 06 July 2013. <>