Red Velvet Cinema

During the ongoing lockdowns the workload of an event organiser has, unsurprisingly, dropped considerably. As such we have had more time to work with community interests, such as Red Velvet Cinema.

Since October Aaron, one of the Directors of Diverse Events CIC has been supporting Red Velvet Cinema in providing tech training, and device loans to Red Velvet Cinema’s wonderful members.

Aaron has been teaching the members the basics of using a tablet, and with the lockdowns, has been running weekly Zoom meeting where the members have been using the equipment to stay in touch with each other, as well as playing the odd game of online bingo!

Red Velvet Cinema aims to reduce social isolation amongst older people and is providing safe, social, and virtual connections.

As our workload increases with lifting of restrictions, we hope that we are still able to stay involved with supporting Red Velvet Cinema.