Realising one’s nature perfectly

Thanks Oscar, a great start. Maybe we will switch self-development for a bit of developing events?

This is the beginning of a blog where exhibitors matter, events count and foot traffic is key. Exhibitors, traders and the local community can share their thoughts and opinions. We hope to provide you with interesting and exciting information to help you in your endeavors.

I’m Aaron, the Director of Diverse Events. Although, director sounds far too formal, you can stick to Aaron and think of me as your events guru in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall seeking to organise the best events around!

Here at Diverse Events we are hoping to bring you a range of riveting blogs not only about our events, but how you can get the best out of our events, out of social media and lot’s of other handy information that tickles our fancy along the way.

If you would like to guest blog, or have some thrilling information you would like us to write about, don’t hesitate to pop on over to the contact page and drop us an email.

So, as Oscar Wilde once said, I’m here to self-develop, but, instead of developing myself, I’ll be developing some of the best darned events anyone has ever seen!

Lawrie Cate . “Devon Countryside: sheeps in the field” 03 April 2011. Online image. Flickr. 06 July 2013. <>