Mr & Mrs Sings

Mr & Mrs Sings got married at Dunwell Farm, a beautiful venue with views over Dartmoor and Plymouth.

The wedding was always to be a relaxed, fun and carefree day. The couple got legally wed a few days before in a registry office, but this was not their wedding, this was simply ‘a bit of paper’. The wedding was the day they imagined in the country, surrounded by friends and family, an outdoor ceremony and a yurt to house the meal.

This would have been fine, if there hadn’t been the worst storms the night before the wedding whilst we were decorating the yurt.

Fortunately the weather changed overnight and the ground was well enough drained that the ceremony could remain outside as planned.

With the seats arranged, flowers displayed and the wedding arch (arbor) secured, the day was ready to get started (once the groom found the wedding ring he had ‘misplaced’).

The bride arrived at the venue in a classic VW Camper, driven by her brother and walked down the isle by her father.

A quick ceremony carried out by the brides best friend and the couple walked back down the isle whilst being covered with far too much confetti.

Whilst the newly wed couple disappeared for their pictures, the guests were free to enter half of the yurt, enjoy drinks, a sweet cart, record their messages, post wedding cards and play some lawn games.

The afternoon progressed with food, drink, dancing and live music.

Some kind words by the married couple: