Improving the events you attend

I often get asked, how, as an exhibitor, can you improve the events you attend? Other than the usual smile, interact and engage (which can be read about in a previous blog post), we have a few tips and tricks below on how to boost attendance numbers to help increase your earnings!

Put every event you’re going to attend on Facebook

It’s a pretty simple one. List the events you’re going to attend and exhibit at on your social media. Social media is a fantastic tool to utilise to drive traffic to an event. Post up a sneak peak of what you will be selling, put up pictures during the event and don’t forget to post a thanks after – not just to be polite, but to also say “Look at me! I was here! Now follow up with me online!”

Spend some pennies on advertising

I’m sure you will be less keen on this one. You’ve already paid to exhibit, why should you pay out more? Not only can you spend the pennies on advertising your website or social media pages, but you can alter the advert to mention an event you’re planning to exhibit at – people can make impulse purchases at the event from you at the event and they can physically see the items you are offering. A great way to get more people to your stall, especially if you are already advertising online.

Tell people

Word of mouth is a fantastic tool for marketing, yet people seem to forget to use it! Tell people at other events where your next event is, tell you Facebook fans, tell your Twitter followers, why not go all out and tell your real life friends and family! If people don’t know about the event, how will they know where to find you?