I ❤ Diverse Events!

Do you ❤ Diverse Events?

The guys over at FastLabels sure do as they reached out to us and sent us thousands of massive “I love Diverse Events” stickers!

Once they received confirmation that the proof was fine, off to print they went and arrived the next day on my doorstep. Having no idea what to do with thousands of stickers I did what everyone would. I stuck them to the Diverse Dog, who was clearly unimpressed.

After unsuccessfully impressing the pooch, I set to sticking one on each of our wedding bags for both the Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair and the Dawlish Manor House Wedding Fair – much more successful!

When I received the stickers I attempted to take some fancy pictures of them. Not being a world class photographer I failed. One thing that didn’t fail though was these stickers. They are well and truly stuck to the goody bags and haven’t moved or peeled at all.

Do you love Diverse Events? Come find us at any of our events if you would like a sticker too!