Gazebo Top Tips

It’s a wet and windy day (as it often is in the South West!) and you’re holding on to your brand new gazebo before it blows away. It’s buckled and it it now leaking all over your wonderful stock. Where did you go wrong?

We’ve seen this time and time again at Diverse Events. Exhibitors attending outdoor events with garden gazebos and getting upset when they don’t last the day. Read on for some gazebo top tips!

Which gazebo should I get?
This depends upon what you need it for!

One off event, no budget
If you plan on heading to an outdoor event on a fine summers day and you don’t plan on doing many other outdoor events, then pop into your local Argos or B&Q and grab the cheapest garden gazebo you can find. Just remember it probably won’t last the day if there is even a slight breeze. When you’re at the event you might want to duct tape all of the joins together as they have a tenancy to pop out!

More than one event, some budget
The Coleman Event Shelter is a reasonably priced (£100 – £200) gazebo, which is relatively strong too. The downsides are the rounded entrance ways, which isn’t the best for having people see whats inside the gazebo, as half of the entrance is so low you can’t walk in! These rounded entrance ways lend themselves to added strength though, so might be good if you have the occasional event, but also fancy a fairly portable gazebo for your picnic on the beach.

You may also be interested in Hercules Gazebo, they seem to only offer one product which is 35mm x 1mm/25mm x 12mm x 1mm, priced at £260.00. They use 600d/450gsm on their sidewalls.

Regular events, more budget
This is where it gets tricky to recommend just one. I have used Gala Tent and Surf & Turf and they have been fantastic. I have also been recommended Rock Awnings which I hear great things about

Gala Tent’s pop-up gazebos start at 32mm steel and go up to 50mm/25mm x 12.5mm, with prices starting at £200.00. You can get a whole setup on their ‘Gala Shade Pro 50’ for £625. They use 600d Polyester on their sidewalls.

Surf & Turf’s pop-up gazebos start at 40mm and go up to 60mm x 2mm, with prices starting at £185.00 You can get a whole setup on their ‘Canopro Elite’ for £500.00. They use 550g on their sidewalls.

Rock Awnings gazebos start at 32mm and go up to 50mm x 2mm, with prices starting at £130.00. You can get a whole setup on their ‘Rhino Hex 55’ for £400.00. They use 260g on their sidewalls.

How do I weigh the gazebo down?

It’s all well and good getting the right gazebo, but it’s no good at all if you haven’t considered how you will keep it in one place! If you are grass you would usually peg a gazebo down, which is great if you have purchased ‘proper’ pegs (have a look online for “galvanised Steel J pins“), but what if you are on hard standing?

The gentleman in the picture to the left has tied his gazebo to a few weights, which is a good start, other than in a breeze the gazebo is likely to pull away, as they are on rope. I would suggest some ‘elephant feet’ style weights filled with sand/water or even better the cast iron leg feet., which, if on grass, you can also peg down through the weights for extra support.

In addition to the weights and pegs, for a ‘belts and braces’ approach, you may also consider some ratchet straps hooked onto the inside corners of the gazebo, these will hold the gazebo down from the top, whilst the weights/pegs hold the bottom of the gazebo in place. Finally, add in the additional guide ropes outside and your gazebo shouldn’t go anywhere!

What accessories should I get for my gazebo?

After getting your weights, pegs, guide ropes and ratchet straps you might be wanting a little more for your gazebo. I’d recommend a decent sized mallet and a big bottle of water. The water can soften harder ground, making it easier to peg into and the mallet can bag the peg in!

If you are doing night time events, or events in the winter when it may become darker earlier, I would suggest some LED light bars. Specific gazebo ones aren’t necessary, but a couple of LED strips cable tied onto the bars of your gazebo will light you up so everyone can see your products.

Ground bars provide additional structural support for your gazebo. I haven’t seen many people with them, but if you’re out in wild weather, or you find your gazebo legs ‘drift’, it may be worth purchasing these.

Of course you could go to your gazebo supplier and get a fully designed and printed gazebo as these look fantastic! Take a look at how great this row of six branded gazebos looked at the Help for Heroes setup at Plymouth Armed Forces Day 2018.

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