Displays – The window to your business

You arrive at the venue, a decorated event room with exhibitors areas nicely set out, but now you’re faced with the mammoth task of making your space look amazing. “Oh, that’s the easy part” I hear you say, then why do so many people get it wrong?

Your exhibition space, be it a table, marquee or patch of grass in a field is the window to your business, the make-or-break factor whether a potential customer comes to your stall. It’s best to get it right!

Signage – Your pop up shop is all set for the day, but it’s just that, one day, maybe one weekend – What happens after? Ensure people know who you are and where they can find you again. Banners, leaflets and business cards are always good and customers will always know where to find you for their next purchase!

Colours – Consistency is key. That doesn’t mean keep everything black and white (unless that’s your style!) but try and stick to your businesses theme. If you’re a retro shop stick to retro colours, if you’re a woodwork business, stick to earthy-wood colours. Of course, your whole theme might be random colours, as long s you have a theme, stick to it, but don’t be boring, try and stand out!

Incentives – People love a bargain, 10% off sign? Brilliant. Free gift? Perfect. Cake sampling? I’m there! Having an incentive not only entices customers over, but also gives you a better chance of turning the potential customers into actual customers. Also, if you have food samples, you’ll most definitely have me visiting you often!

Seasonal – You’ll know if you’re going to a Christmas fair or a summer ball, but does your stall look like it’s dressed for the occasion? If it’s Christmas, use greens, reds, golds and silvers. Add tinsel, or a small christmas tree to your stand. Easter? Add a toy rabbit. It gets customers in the spirit of the event and will certainly help boost sales.

Levels – Your table is flat, not much you can do about that, or is there? Adding levels to your display draws the eye of potential customers. Don’t view your table as a flat plane, look at it three dimensionally, not only depth and width, but also height. Use all the space you have!

Interactivity – I’m not expecting you to go out and buy a 30″ touchscreen to use at your exhibits, but if you have a tablet PC, why not bring it along – Have it run a slideshow of your products, maybe your website or better yet have an email signup sheet. Having the interactive feature ensures customers stay at your exhibit for longer and feel more engaged. It’s also a great chance to have a chat with them!

Rubbish – Remember, this is your shop window – Take that drinks bottle off of your display and put it in the bin. It ruins your whole display!

Stallholders – You are as on show as the table itself. Dress appropriately, smile and show the enthusiasm for your products!

Truly Scrumptious Sweets “A bit of our Summer Window to warm you all up” 21 January 2013. Online image. Facebook. 14 July 2013. <https://www.facebook.com/trulyscrumptious.sweets.9>