We’re going green!

No, we don’t plan on turning physically green and ripping our clothes off so all we are left in is shredded up blue shorts (how come they grow with the Hulk, but nothing else does? His clothing bill must be through the roof…) Our events are going green! Across the board we have signed up

Five Steps to Running an Event

The simply answer would be to hire us – we can guide you every step of the way; that doesn’t make for a good blog post though, does it?! Over the past five years we have established a number of new events, supported various events, as well as increased the profitability of some longstanding, well-established

Gazebo Top Tips

It’s a wet and windy day (as it often is in the South West!) and you’re holding on to your brand new gazebo before it blows away. It’s buckled and it it now leaking all over your wonderful stock. Where did you go wrong? We’ve seen this time and time again at Diverse Events. Exhibitors

I ❤ Diverse Events!

Do you ❤ Diverse Events? The guys over at FastLabels sure do as they reached out to us and sent us thousands of massive “I love Diverse Events” stickers! Once they received confirmation that the proof was fine, off to print they went and arrived the next day on my doorstep. Having no idea what to

Who even needs an event organiser?!

“The volunteer committee has been running this event successfully for the past twenty years, why would we need to hire an event organiser?!” That is something I hear often when suggesting hiring an event organiser. It’s a huge barrier to break through when dealing with long standing events, but once the committee see the benefits

Mr & Mrs Sings

Mr & Mrs Sings got married at Dunwell Farm, a beautiful venue with views over Dartmoor and Plymouth. The wedding was always to be a relaxed, fun and carefree day. The couple got legally wed a few days before in a registry office, but this was not their wedding, this was simply ‘a bit of

Do Wedding Services Cost Too Much?

I often get asked why certain services cost so much in relation to weddings. “My Photographer charges so much, he only stands around for an hour to take some pictures”, “Why is the cake maker so expensive? It’s only a cake…”Although I’m terribly polite when responding, I often want to rattle off the following list

Improving the events you attend

I often get asked, how, as an exhibitor, can you improve the events you attend? Other than the usual smile, interact and engage (which can be read about in a previous blog post), we have a few tips and tricks below on how to boost attendance numbers to help increase your earnings! Put every event

Stack them high, sell them cheap

I believe it was Jack Cohen who first said “Stack them high, sell them cheap”, way back in the early early in the 20th century before he founded Tesco. Although a fantastic way of running a cheap shop, stocking a huge amount of low quality good and selling them cheap – it is not the

Successful Wedding Fair?

I attended a Wedding Fair on Sunday, it was ran by Saltash Chamber of Commerce and looked as if it was a great success with lots of happy brides and grooms to be. Whilst chatting to a couple of people who were exhibiting there, I had some great feedback about the Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair.